Chief Risk Officers (CROs) in Arab Banks


Chief Risk Officers (CROs) in Arab Banks

نشاط الاتحاد
2020 Baron Palace – Horchata / Shal Hasheesh – Egypt


 The Forum of the Chief Risk Officers (CROs) in the Arab Banks is an annual commitment to keep pace with the successive developments in the banking industry which reflect directly on the risk management techniques in the banks that calls for sustainable development in these techniques in light of the best international practices of the risk management.

Due to the steady growth of the financial technology applications and the diversity of their artificial intelligence applications and the multiplicity of their business models based on artificial intelligence, the banks adopted the digital transformation for their products, operations and their distribution channels for boosting the customers’ satisfaction and growth of profitability and market share. Therefore, the banks had to upgrade their risk management methods and tools for using the applications of the digital technology and enhance their capacity for managing the risks due to the development of the business models, keeping pace with the new amendments and directives of Basel Committee for the risk measurement and management due to the tremendous impact of these developments upon our Arab banks particularly upon the release of the above committee of the final blueprint in December 2017, which encompassed some of  the reformative amendments to the standard methodologies for  the measurement and management of the credit and operational risks, which is deemed the final revision of Basel III which is prelude to what is termed as Basel IV that will take effect by the first of January 2022.

The Union of Arab Banks shall launch this forum for shedding light on these amendments, risk measurement policies and procedures and the  determination of the basic requirements of the banks for addressing the digital transformation emerging risks, discussing the mechanisms of applying these requirements in the Arab banks, focusing on the significance of building the proper human capacities and experiences for leveraging the risk management to the levels of the theoretically and practically recognized international standards and practices and raising the awareness in the banking sector in the Arab World for the significance of adopting and applying the most recent techniques and methods of the internationally recognized risk management techniques and methods.


  • Explain and discuss the risks arising from digital transformation in Arab banks and methods of their management.
  • Review the new reforms of Basel Committee aimed at amending the methodologies of calculating credit, market and operational risks and the reasons behind these amenments.
  • Explain the main challenges facing our Arab banks in managing digital and cyber security risks in particular.
  • Shedding light on the interaction between accounting provisions and regulatory.


  • The effect of central banks’ digital currencies on payments, monetary policy and financial stability
  • Challenges facing risk management according to digital transformation:
  • Digital risk management
  • Managing strategic and emerging risks
  • Managing reputational risk in banks
  • Liquidity risk management and their monitoring tools
  • Analyze the fundamental adjustments in the methodologies of measuring credit, market and opertional risks
  • The expected effects of applying the final adjustments in the methodologies of calculating credit and market risks on banks
  • Building internal models and model risk management in light of digital technology
  • Operational resilience and importance of managing cyber security risks in banks
  • Interaction between accounting provisions and regulatory provisions
  • Regulatory treatment of Sovereign exposures in banks


  • Arab Central Banks Leaders
  • Control & Supervision staff in banks
  • Basel Project Managers and their senior assistants
  • Chairmen and directors of Risk Deptartments and their senior assistants
  • Chairmen of Financial Control Department and their senior assistants
  • Internal audit managers in banks and their associates
  • Information security managers and their senior assistants


  • Working papers and panel discussions presented and moderated by Regional & International senior bankers and experts from financial & banking sectors.
  • An exhibition for sponsoring institutions whereby the participating institutions and companies would be able to establish and develop business ties.