FinTech Developments & its Implications on the Banking Industry


FinTech Developments & its Implications on the Banking Industry

نشاط الاتحاد
Amman – Jordan 17-18 March 2020


The world is witnessing a rapid transition from a “monetary economy” to a “non-monetary economy”, thanks to financial technology, and the tools and mechanisms it provides to reduce dependence on paper money, and the transition to reliance on electronic and encrypted money. The digital development is considered one of the most important pillars of the future of the financial and banking sector, as customers are increasingly moving towards carrying out their banking transactions through electronic applications and smart solutions. In this field, financial technology has an authentic ability to change the structure of traditional financial services to make these services faster, cheaper, more secure, transparent and accessible, especially for the large segment of people who do not deal with the banking sector.

The financial technology sector has created a revolution in the global financial systems during the past few years, as startups in the field of financial technology have proven successful in providing a diverse package of financial services that includes payment services, digital currencies and money transfer as well as lending, crowd funding and wealth management in addition to insurance services. Consequently, the importance of having a legislative, regulatory and supervisory framework emerge to allow the development and operation of financial technology business models and financial artificial intelligence, which enables regulatory and supervisory authorities to reduce risks and provide opportunities for growth in a competitive environment, while maintaining financial integrity and financial stability at the same time.

The option of choosing an appropriate financial technology and its successful application continues to be a challenge for banks, given that financial technology and its various applications present opportunities and challenges at the same time, as the nature and scope of banking risks significantly change from their traditional concept. While this change may lead to new risks, it can also open new opportunities for banks, for customers, for the banking system in general, and for regulatory authorities.

The “ Fintech Developments & its Implications on the banking industry” forum will shed light  on new innovations in financial technology, and on the opportunities to obtain financial services with the transparency and disclosure it provides, and a better and faster banking products and services. This forum also highlights the role of startups in the field of financial and banking technology, and the different regulatory frameworks behind rapid technological transformations.


  1. Fintech Developments & its implications on the financial & banking sectors
  • Opportunities & Challenges arising from the expansion of Financial Technology
  • Potential Implications on Customers & Supervisors
  • Security of data centers in banking institutions and the challenges
  • Reputation Risks
  • Impact of digital transformation on banking services
  1. Impact of Fintech Developments & its Implications on Financial Stability & Systemic Risks
  • Future relation between banks & Fintech startups and its impact on Financial Stability
  • Importance of facing cyber risks for preventing financial losses
  • Big Data analytics to support risk management, counterfeit, and AML/CFT
  • Mobile Banking as an advanced tool for financial inclusion
  • E-Banking, Digitalization & Cypersecurity risks
  1. Fintech & Reghtech: Opportunities and Challenges
  • Mechanisms & Techniques required to cope with regulatory & Supervisory challenges related to Fintech
  • Regtech eases the burden of compliance, improves insight, and enables new revenue opportunities
  • Fintech VS Regtech from the perspective of innovation
  1. Investing in Financial Technology
  • Importance of investing in Fintech through digital transformation
  • Investing in Human Resources
  • Investing in Fintech tools and innovations
  1. Financial Technology and Financial Inclusion
    • Inclusion of financially excluded in the formal financial system
    • Lower cost of financial services
    • Better access to financial services


  • Arab and Foreign Central Banks
  • Arab and Foreign Banks
  • Supervisory and Regulatory Authorities
  • Regional and International Financial Institutions
  • Compliance and Risk Units in Banks & Financial Institutions
  • Insurance Companies and Investment Firms
  • FinTech Startups (Success Stories)
  • Business Incubators and Accelerators
  • ICT Companies
  • Payment and Credit Card Companies (Visa or MasterCard)
  • Mobile Network Operators


  • Working papers and panel discussions presented and moderated by senior bankers and professionals in FinTech
  • Real life case studies related to FinTech Innovations and the Future of Banking Services
  • An exhibition for sponsoring institutions where by the participating institutions and companies would be able to establish and develop business ties.


  • By attending this forum and benefiting from the valuable discussions brought by internationally renowned speakers, and meeting fellow peers from the regional and international fronts
  • By sponsoring the activities of the forum and benefiting from the wide range of privileges (marketing, branding, media recognition, etc…)