1- Headquarter outside structure:

The outside structure of the Federation new headquarter is discriminated by two major elements, whereof its closed areas are covered by the “worked-rocky-stone” and its glass facades are designed in compliance with the most modern engineering and architectural specifications.

Furthermore, in order the building demonstrates an Eastern mode mixed with the western modernity, thus the headquarter was embellished by a dome where stone & glass interlock to give such edifice a distinctive feature matching with differential beauty in the area.

The ground floor of the building is differentiated by a series of arcades preserving the Arab engineering peculiarity that Beirut is distinguished with, without being far from the modern engineering systems.

Headquarter building:

The new headquarter of the “Arab Banks Federation” consists of ten floors, three basements and seven upper floors of an aggregate area of 320 m².

The basement floors are for the general store and the parking for cars.
The upper floors form a ground floor and six other floors which include conferences halls, offices, reception halls, library, archives room and coffee shop.

The building of the Federation is designed under the most modern engineering & architectural means that are in harmony with the advanced engineering and architectural surrounding which Beirut commercial Center and its vicinity are commercial center circumscription along with its vicinity are distinguished of:

Basement floors:

The new headquarter of the Federation is constituted of three basement floors: S1 & S2 & S3.
The two floors S1 & S2 are applied to a parking that assimilate about twenty cars individualized to those working at the Federation and its visitors.
As for the basement floor S3 it is designed to be a general store for the needs of the Federation of all sorts of works & activities.


2- Interior

The internal Architect of the new headquarter of the Federation is differentiated by the following:

  • The predomination of the Arab engineering characteristic upon the interior parts of the headquarter.
  • The efficiency and effective of the usage of the internal areas along with granting a look to same.
  • The usage of a modern blend of illumination that casts beauty unto the whole spaces.
  • The usage of the best quality of the construction materials at the headquarter interior design.

Upper floors:

The new headquarter of the Federation contains seven upper floors, out of which one ground floor and six upper floors.
The ground floor area is 320 m²and involves the following:

  • Main lobby.
  • Reception hall.
  • Two great halls for conferences.
  • Internal garden.
  • Building stairway.
  • Coffee shop.
  • Two elevators.
  • Drivers’ rooms.

First four floors:

Each of which is formed of:

  • Offices for the officers and staff.
  • Reception hall.
  • Archives room.
  • Photocopy machines chamber.
  • Kitchen and water closets.

One of the floors contains a library that retains the whole scientific issues of the Federation and that of all the parties & establishments which the Federation deals with.

Additionally, one of these floors includes conferences halls of a medium size that can accommodate, approximately, 15-20 persons.
The area of the ground floor is 185 m²and the 1st – 4th floor each of which is 220.5 m².

The fifth floor is 226.6 m² and includes:

  • The office of the general secretary of the Federation further to a separate hall for meeting.
  • The office of the deputy general secretary of the Federation.
  • Two large halls for conferences.
  • Reception room.
  • Secretariat office.
  • Office boys chambers.
  • Kitchen and water closets.

As for the sixth floor, its area is 229.3 m² and involves:

  • Office to the chairman of the board of directors of the Federation.
    Reception hall.
  • Halls for the meetings of the board of directors and the executive committee of the Federation.
  • Large hall specialized to the meetings of the general assembly, general lectures, seminars and press conferences.
  • Office to the secretariat section.
  • Kitchen and water closets.

The entire halls are equipped with the most up-to-date audio-visual facilities that correspond to the expanded and developed prerequisites of the Federation for its business and that convoy-with the most modern renown technological devices.

3- Background

Approximately, after thirty years of working and giving through its main office in Beirut and its branch offices in certain Arab Countries the Federation adopted a decision to launch a special new headquarter.

It purchased a plot of land in a strategic and active region in Beirut as a first step to enable build the headquarter and in order to liaise to the Federation to launch out of same with a new view and to be the “Arab Bank Home” in realizing its ambitions by gathering all its bodies in one building to simplify work and to increase the efficiency, effective and the services of the bank and financial Arab sector in a better manner and to pursue step-by-step the forward look of the bank & finance Arab personalities by getting up-to-date services, activities and business that satisfy their present and strategic needs and demands on the two Arabic and global levels.

Nowadays, the Federation is under way to arrange for the necessary funds to erect such headquarter. As a first step – in this effect – the Board of Directors has formed a committee to raise such necessary funds to construct this headquarter denominated “the Fund Raising Committee”.