MENA Financial Crime Compliance Group


MENA Financial Crime Compliance Group

نشاط الاتحاد

The Union of Arab Banks is an ongoing strategic Partner  to  the MENA Financial Crime Compliance Group (MENA FCGG) and has  played a vital role to shape the group into what  it is today, both regionally and internationally since 2016.
We are pleased to share with you the press release for the creation of the MENA FCCG Europe chapter which was officially launched on November 29th, chaired by Mr. Dhār Solanki (MLRO – Europe Arab Bank PLC , London)  with nine founding members representing European subsidiaries or branches of Arab banks.

The MENA FCCG is Chaired by Mr.Wissam Fattouh, the Secretary General of the Union of Arab Banks, who has strived to ensure that the MENA FCCG continues to leverage on its members collective power  and to weave solid ties  with public and private partners; building on its track record in the fight against financial crime in the MENA region.

MENA FCCG 2021 Highlights