نشاط الاتحاد
Nov30-1Dec 2021 Beirut - lebanon movenpick hotel beirut

The Union of Arab Banks (UAB) is pleased to organize a cyber-forum event in October in Beirut; whereas experts from the region will be joining live audience to share their expertise, know-how and to recommend adequate solution for the changing threat landscape.

UAB selected Beirut – Lebanon purposely for this cyber security event simply because Beirut is the capital of knowledge and talented people. Moreover, Beirut still attracts international and regional speakers and regional audience for its notable cultural role, charm, hospitality and weather.


This forum intends, through a high-level professional mobilization, to raise awareness and deepen the knowledge of cyber security staff members in Arab banks and financial institutions about the modern technologies used by hackers and the new recommended solutions to mitigate the risks

Participants will have an exposure to the latest technologies and solutions in cybersecurity and will benefit from the exchange of experiences between experts and specialists in this field at the Arab and international levels, which raises the efficiency of the Arab banking system and keeping it up to date.

Main Topics:

Module 1: Risk Management

  • AI for Cyber Security and Risk Management.
  • BCP -Impact of fuel shortage on bank’s resilience and possible solutions
  • Digital Transformation and API Threats and controls
  • Vendor risk management: finding partners you can trust.
  • Work from home- Security challenges and opportunities

Module 2: Modern Security architecture

  • Zero trust cyber security architecture of the future
  • Zero trust architecture -Tenets and logical components
  • Zero trust implementation and infrastructure requirements
  • Zero trust-Segmentation and Micro segmentation
  • Threats associated to zero trust architecture
  • Identity management to mitigate cyber security risks
  • Managing cloud security
  • SOC and Shift to proactive intelligence response
  • Deception technology

Module 3: Threat Intelligence

  • Dark web threat hunting
  • Financial institutions cyber readiness in post-pandemic World
  • Ransom ware threat-detection, response and recovery
  • Threat hunting and automation
  • Threat intelligence and MISP (Malware Information Sharing Platform)
  • Today’s cyber-attacks: what we all should be ready for
  • Evolution of the threat landscape and forecasts

Module 4: Compliance

  • Systems hardening recommended benchmarks and tools
  • MITRE Attack and D3fense frameworks
  • Impact of Standards and guidelines on enhancing security posture
  • CIS V8 top 20 cyber security controls


In this unique professional forum and the first of its kind in the Arab world, a distinguished elite group of experts, specialists and senior officials in cyber security from various Arab banks and specialized international institutions will be participating.