Association of Banks in Lebanon


Association of Banks in Lebanon

Arab Banking Associations & Unions
  • Chairman: Dr. Salim Sfeir
  • Vice-Chairman: Mr. Nadim Kassar 
  • Secretary General: Dr. Makram Sader
Association of Banks in Lebanon logo
  • Country: Republic of Lebanon
  • Establishment Date: 06/10/1959
  • Headquarters Address: Beirut – Lebanon
  • P.O. Box: 976 Beirut
  • Tel.: (+961)-1-970500/970508
  • Fax: (+961)-1-970501
  • Website:
  • E-mail:
  • Membership in the UAB: Observer Member
Objectives & Functions
Advocacy and representation in public policy forums.
Information dissemination to all interested private and public sector entities, domestic and foreign.
Research and statistics on financial and economic issues.
Training and development of the banking sector`s human capital.
Expressing views and opinions on both debatable macro-economic policy issues and drafts of new financial/banking rules and regulations.
It plays an active role in coordinating banks` efforts on common interest issues such as setting the minimum fees and commissions on banking products and services, negotiating the employees union on employment collective convention, and upgrading the payment and telecommunication systems.

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