Association of Banks In Palestine


Association of Banks In Palestine

Arab Banking Associations & Unions
  • Chairman: Mr. Maher Al Masri
  • Deputy Chairman: Mr. Joseph Nesnas
  • Board Member: Mr. Talal Nasser Eddin
  • Board Member: Mr. Hatem Foqaha
  • Board Member: Mr. Salah Hidmi
  • Board Member: Mr. Rushdi Al Ghalayini
  • Board Member: Mr. Nidal Barghouti
  • General Manager: Mr. Bashar Yassin
  • Country: Palestine
  • Establishment Date: 01/01/1998
  • Headquarters Address: Palestine – Ramallah
  • P.O. Box: 4117 Ramallah
  • Tel.: (+970)-02-2414555
  • Fax: (+970)-02-2414559
  • Website:
  • E-mail:
  • Membership in the UAB: Observer Member
Objectives & Functions
Cooperation with establishments in both the public and private sector, for the sake of aiding and enhancing the national economy.
Care for the interests of the Association and its members, and reinforcing the cooperation amongst them.
Discussion of common issues concerning various sorts of members` activities, in order to seed appropriate solutions.
Exchange of knowledge and experience in order to improve the financial performance, and serve the common goals of the members.
Improvement and modernization of the financial services at banks.
Enhancement of cooperation with the Palestinian Monetary Authority, in order to carry out the plans of monetary and bank policies which it imposes; and to offer opinions when necessary through negotiation and agreement with the authority, in all cases concerning the banking system, which aim at improving its performance and development.
Settlement of disputes occurring between its members or between members and others, when a written recommendation is applied.

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