Banque Du Liban


Banque Du Liban

Arab Central Banks
  • Governor & Chairman: H.E. Mr. Riad T. Salamé
  • 1st Vice-Governor: H.E. Dr. Wassim Manssouri
  • 2nd Vice-Governor: H.E. Dr. Salim Chahine
  • 3rd Vice-Governor: H.E. Mr. Bachir Yakzan
  • 4th Vice-Governor: H.E. Mr. Alexandre Moradian
Banque Du Liban
  • Country: Republic of Lebanon
  • Establishment Date: 01/08/1963
  • Headquarters Address: Beirut – Lebanon
  • P.O. Box: 11-5544Beirut Tel.: (+961)-1-750000
  • Fax: (+961)-1-343249
  • Website:
  • E-mail:
  • Membership in the UAB: Observer Member
Objectives & Functions
The BDL is vested by law with the exclusive right to issue the national currency. As stipulated by article 70 of the Code of Money and Credit, the BDL is entrusted with the general mission of safeguarding the national currency in order to ensure the basis for sustained social and economic growth. This mission consists of the:
Safeguard of monetary and economic stability
Safeguard of the soundness of the banking sector
Development of money and financial markets
Development and regulation of the payment systems and instruments
Development and regulation of money transfer operations including electronic transfers
Development and regulation of the clearing and settlement operations relative to different financial and payment instruments and marketable bonds

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