Best Practices for Sustainable Growth-Dr. Soha Maad – العدد 469

Best Practices for Sustainable Growth in the Fourth Industrial Revolution Age By Dr. Soha Maad MOTIVATION The digital transformation in the era of the fourth industrial revolution has created an urgent need for re-engineering business models, introducing new policies, upskilling in advanced technology areas, and tackling rising cyber security challenges. This entails opportunities and challenges […]

AM Bank supports AUB at “The Druze Millennium: Celebrating a Thousand Years of Diversity”

Supporting cultural and educational activities has always been the center of attention of AM Bank, for they know how important it is to incorporate the entire community in the ideology of diversity and to help integrate it in most – if not all – fields of work

Nouveaux StressTests :

Les Banques Européennes sont-elles solides face aux crises ?

IIFM Standardization Initiatives to Support Islamic Business Activities

The 39th meeting of the Board of Directors of the International Islamic Financial Market (IIFM) was convened in Bahrain and was attended by representatives from its founding and permanent members namely the Central Bank of Bahrain, Bank Indonesia, Central Bank of Sudan, Autoriti Monetari Brunei Darussalam and the Islamic Development Bank as well as representatives of member financial institutions on the Board of IIFM.

PMI Highlights – November 2018

The BLOM Lebanon Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) rose from 46.2 in October 2018 to 46.7 in November 2018, on account of slower declines in output and new orders since February. Accordingly, the implied GDP-growth would still stand at 1%, a rate likely to be the growth for the full year 2018.

4th Cambridge Islamic Finance Leadership Programme concludes with huge success

4th Cambridge Islamic Finance Leadership Programme concludes with huge success

Fintech Risk Management: Fintech regulation as an opportunity

Fintechs are drawing increasing attention—and are at risk of potential disruption—from regulators. How to respond? See five fintech risk management principles that can help ease the disruption that closer regulatory scrutiny may bring.

Blockchain : A look into the Future – & Basic Risks

Technological innovations such as robotics, artificial intelligence, cloud technology and the mobile economy have established themselves very quickly over the last few years through developments like social media and digital identities, and have now become a key element of the commercial and social economy (e.g. sharing economy, crowd funding). It is therefore important for companies to understand the impact of these technological advances on their business models so that they can adapt themselves to new circumstances.

Dollar et Bourses : Quelles perspectives après les turbulences financières de Février 2018 et la bombe commerciale provoquée par D.Trump.

Les bourses mondiales ont clôturé l’année 2017 sur une note positive suite à l’euphorie des investissements dans les actions et les obligations, pendant que le dollar variait d’une semaine à l’autre dans le sens dispersés à cause de l’hésitation de la Réserve Fédérale des Etats-Unis (FED) concernant la politique monétaire qui dessine le taux d’intérêt.

Fintech in the Arab World:

A Healthy Competitor but not yet a Game Changer

Impulsion politique pour le développement de la finance islamique en Algérie

Bien que de multiples annonces prévoyaient que trois banques publiques algériennes allaient offrir des solutions conformes à la finance islamique avant fin 2017, seule la Caisse Nationale d’Epargne et de Prévoyance (CNEP) a lancé en novembre 2017 un produit de financement immobilier islamique.


Put cyber security on the agenda before it becomes the agenda

Secretary General of CIBAFI delivered a Public Lecture on “Participation Finance – The Steady Way From Niche to Mainstream” at Istanbul Sehir University

The General Council for Islamic Banks and Financial Institutions (CIBAFI) held today a Public Lecture on “Participation Finance – The Steady Way From Niche to Mainstream” at Istanbul Sehir University

Today’s challenges in compliance

“Those who were killed two blocks away from here, from the FED, do not care about privacy!”, this is how the General Council and Executive Vice President, Mr. Tomas Baxter

إتفاقية إنشاء مركز TFTC لمكافحة تمويل الإرهاب في المملكة العربية السعودية

U.S. and Saudi Arabia to Co-Chair New Terrorist Financing Targeting Center

Brexit : Sukuk souverain en 2019, la finance islamique comme plan B

En 2014, la Grande-Bretagne avait émis un sukukd’une maturité de 5 ans de 200 millions de livres sterling sursouscrit plus de 10 fois. Un porte-parole du Trésor a récemment déclaré à l’agence Reuters que le gouvernement britannique envisageait de relancerdès son échéance en 2019 une nouvelle émission souveraine de sukuk d’un montant d’un milliard de livres sterling.


City Car was established in 1975; it is considered one of the leaders in the Lebanese market providing business and leisure clientele with a wide range of services:

Dix ans après la crise de Subprimes :

Que nous cache le marché de l’ombre et que nous prépare la Chine ?

Repercussions of the Interest Rate Hike on GCC Economies and Banking Sectors

1. The Rate Hike Decision


Dr. R. Seetharaman, Chief Executive Officer of Doha Bank, gave a speech on ‘New World Order and Allied Impact’ on 4th July 2017 at the European University, Geneva. It was well attended by students, professors and management staff of the University.

Sherif Ismail inaugurates “Egypt Can” event for women

Prime Minister Sherif Ismail inaugurated the “Egypt Can” for Women on Sunday, with the participation of Egyptian women scientists and experts working abroad.

What Islamic finance will mean for Morocco

After years of rejection from the central bank, Islamic finance in Morocco is now a reality.
In addition to the five new Islamic banks approved in January by Bank Al-Maghrib, the country’s central bank, an announcement earlier this year further granted three banks permission to sell Islamic products.

Fattouh: ISIS in Economic Decline

“Understanding, combating and consequently defeating ISIS’ economic model is key for achieving a total victory over the richest terrorist organization history has ever witnessed” stated Mr. Wissam Fattouh, Secretary General of the Union of Arab Banks (UAB) and Chairman of the MENA FCCG.

La Banque de Développement local – BDL lance son nouveau système d’information

La Banque de Développement local – BDL- a lancé, à partir du Dimanche 19 Mars 2017, son nouveau Système d’Information qui va rehausser son management et ses performances à hauteur des meilleurs standards internationaux.

Hausse accélérée du taux d’intérêt américain :

La réserve fédérale s’est engagée

La dette des banques italiennes sera -t- elle la bombe à retardement dans la zone euro ?

L’économie italienne dans son ensemble traverse, depuis quelques années, une zone de turbulence très dangereuse minée par des dettes publiques et bancaires colossales.

Loans will not create a burden, but will improve the lives of Egyptians: International Cooperation Minister

The Egyptian economy has good capabilities that will enable it to recover in the coming period so long as the economic and social reform programme is implemented over the next three years, said International Cooperation Minister Sahar Nasr.

Path Solutions scoops double award win at CEO Insight Global Awards 2016/17

The award winners have been announced! Path Solutions has hit the top spot at the 2016/17 CEO Insight Global Awards, whose results have been unveiled ahead of the prestigious Sustainability Week Conference scheduled from 14-21 January 2017 in Abu Dhabi, winning two highly sought-after awards; The CEO Insight Award for the company’s Group Chairman & CEO Mohammed Kateeb in the ‘Top 10 CEOs in Enterprise Software’ category, and the CEO Insight Sustainability Award for Path Solutions in the ‘Sustainable Islamic Financial Software Solutions Leader’ category.

Six ways to spot money laundering in your business

EU legislation continues to target money laundering and terrorism financing. Corporate crime expert Aziz Rahman explains why these tough new laws should act as a “wake-up call” for finance professionals. Here’s an action plan to help you spot signs of money laundering


These days, banking is a highly influential and ubiquitous sector of modern society. It provides an opportunity to those households with surplus capital to select the best mix of investments in terms of return, tenors, and security along with the opportunities to do businesses and for the governments to finance their respective activities through obtaining surplus funds.

La Finance Islamique face aux défis de la baisse du prix du pétrole

Les causes del’effondrement des cours du pétrole

The Arab World amid Upcoming Economic and Financial Challenges

Economic growth in the MENA region is currently witnessing a stagnation, as the region hinges on the verge of an unruly and imminent economic crisis. The general bleak image portrayed by the media, of the armed conflict and turmoil in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Libya, reinforces the pessimistic regional outlook and low economic growth forecasts. This image also reflects the dire extent of material losses such as tourism revenues that could have been generated in an otherwise stable environment.

The Repercussions of the Decline in Oil Prices on Arab Economies and the Need for Tax Reforms

According to the International Monetary Fund, Arab economies will register a mere 3% annual growth rate in 2016. From this lackluster forecast arises the need for Arab countries to further increase their efforts towards economic diversification, which has become both a requirement and a necessity in all Arab countries regardless of their economic and financial conditions, as most Arab economies continue to rely heavily on the exports of a few primary commodities.

Finance islamique en 2016, bilan et perspectives

Une accélération en Afrique confirmée sous l’impulsion de la Banque Islamique de Développement, un ralentissement en Asie et au Moyen-Orient dû à la politique malaisienne et à la baisse du prix des hydrocarbures et un développement prometteur en Europe.

Egypt urges Saudi Arabia to invest pledged SR 30bn: Nasr

The Public Investment Fund (PIF) of Saudi Arabia pledged to immediately begin examining several investment opportunities in Egypt after reviewing feasibility studies and data, according to Minister of International Cooperation Sahar Nasr.

The Egyptian economy in 2016… Borrowing to meet the needs and to accelerate economic growth

It is well known that the Egyptian economy is rising through the foreign loans in order to increase the revenues that can generate funds for the government treasury. In this context, the World Bank has recently granted Egypt a three billion dollar loan, to be delivered over three years, at an interest rate of 1.68%, with a five year grace period and repayment period of 36 years.



Arab Banks Towards Global Transformations

There is no doubt that the Union of Arab Banks has become a vital and leading player to the development and the protection of the Arab banking system, as it became a platform to defend the Arab banks in the face of global changes, and to meet the needs of the Arab region through strengthening its relations with regional and international organizations and institutions, in particular the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and the U.S. Treasury.

How can financial inclusion serve small and medium enterprises?

The interest in promoting financial inclusion across countries has increased over the past few years, particularly in developing countries as a result of the 2008 international financial crisis, where the G20 adopted financial inclusion as one of the main issues in its economic and financial developmental agenda.

Ministry of International Cooperation, AfDB sign $650,000 grant agreement

The Ministry of International Cooperation and the African Development Bank (AfDB) have signed a grant agreement worth $650,000, according to a Tuesday statement from the ministry.

CIBAFI – IIF launched their Executive Programme on Islamic Finance, themed Global Developments and Strategic Insights

Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain, 29th September 2015 –The General Council for Islamic Banks and Financial Institutions (CIBAFI),

Financial Inclusion: A Global Necessity for Comprehensive Development

To this day, the Arab region still has one of the lowest levels of financial inclusion in the world, as only 18% of the population in the region has an account with a financial institution. For women, this figure drops to a mere 13%. In 2014, account ownership was notably high in the UAE, Bahrain, and Kuwait at around 83%, 82%, and 73%, respectively. On the other hand, financial inclusion remains low in Yemen, Iraq, and Egypt at 6%, 11% and 14%, respectively.

The New Egyptian Government:

Combatting Corruption and Unemployment

What is Expected from the Opening of the New Suez Canal?

ِAfter opening the new Suez Canal, which Egyptian officials describe as «a great historic achievement», it is expected that the Egyptian economy will achieve «a quantum leap», because the income of the Suez Canal will increase from $5 billion today to $13.4 billion in the year 2023, as the project will double the size of traffic in the Canal.

The Arab Monetary Fund Releases its Annual Report for 2014

New Strategy to support Economic
and Financial Reforms in the Arab Countries

ISIL Source of Funding

Heroin, Human Trafficking, Human Organs Trade, and Women Slavery in the Capital of the World – The Middle East

World Bank staff survey highlights discontent with senior management

World Bank President Jim Yong Kim speaks with staff in Lebanon during a visit to the financial institution’s office in Beirut. Results of the bank’s staff survey reveal a strong discontent with its senior leadership.

UAB’s New Member Bank of Somalia

International Bank of Somalia (IBS) is Somalia’s premier global investment and commercial bank with an entirely Shari´ah compliant portfolio of products & services. IBS was incorporated in July 2013 and is licensed by the Central Bank of Somalia (CBS). Our Headquarter is in the capital city of Somalia Mogadishu. Note that the Bank recently joined the membership of the Union of Arab Banks.

The Egyptian Banking Sector Moves Towards Profitability and Productivity to Support the Economy

The Egyptian banking sector is still working on increasing the number of customers during the year 2015, which is witnessing a number of initiatives that will expand the number of banked people. The Central Bank of Egypt and the Federation of Banks stimulate this strategy through the recent mortgage financing initiative, which contributes to cover the low-income segment of the society by the banking sector’s services, as well as through the awareness campaigns adopted by banks which aim to attract new customers.

Fattouh: ISIS’ finances top priority for U.S.

U.S. authorities are deeply concerned about the financial capabilities of ISIS and are pressing Arab banks to prevent the jihadi group from channeling funds through their systems, the secretary-general of the Union of Arab Banks said Monday.

Shadow Banking System

Shadow banking system is a set of non-bank financial intermediaries who provide similar services to traditional commercial banks. The system includes entities such as preventive portfolios, the capital markets portfolios, asset-backed commercial paper (ABCP) conduits, money market mutual funds, markets for repurchase agreements (repos), investment banks, and mortgage companies.

Between Economy and Stability in Egypt

The International Monetary Fund has expected in its recent report “Global Economic Outlook” a rise in the commodity prices in Egypt, where the inflation rate will reach 13.5% in 2015, compared to 10.1% in 2014 and 6.9% in 2013.

“Financing for Development”: The Need for a Unified Arab Economic Strategy

The Arab Banking Conference 2015 held in Cairo under the slogan ‹Financing for Development› emphasized the urgency and importance of devising a unified Arab strategy to improve the living standards of Arab citizens, address the pervasive unemployment and poverty in the region, and benefit from natural sources.

The Need for a Unified Strategy to Confront Arab Economic Challenges

It is indisputable that the recent regional developments and transformations have led to the deterioration of economic performance in several Arab countries, and dampened the overall Arab economy. Hence, the role of the Union of Arab Banks has transcended supporting and promoting the Arab banking culture, to shielding and representing the Arab banking sector in international platforms, in addition to highlighting and addressing human, social, and environmental issues.

The outcomes of the Sharm el-Sheikh Economic Conference are for a better Egyptian economy

The Sharm el-Sheikh Economic Conference held recently in March 2015 in Sharm el-Sheikh resort entitled “supporting and developing the Egyptian economy”, and which was attended by more than two thousand delegates from 112 different countries, has generated many outcomes.

Conversion from conventional banks into Islamic banking:

Practical experience from some countries

Cautious Optimism reflected by Global Indicators

Negative expectations are looming over for the Arab economies’ growth during 2015, as big bankers and economists are drawing a grim picture of the Arab economic status, coupled with unencouraging expectations, due to the implications of the weakened political and security situations on the economy.


Lors d’une intervention à Sciences Po Paris le 30 janvier 2015, le vice Président de la Banque Européenne d’Investissement (BEI) M. Philippe de Fontaine Vive est revenu sur les fondements du Plan Juncker et sur le rôle central de l’investissement dans la relance économique européenne.

AAOIFI Widens Role to Develop Islamic Finance

Bahrain-based Accounting and Auditing Organisation for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI) said it has widened its global role to better serve and develop Islamic finance.

Arab Economies in 2015, where to?

The Arab youth are currently facing a severe crisis of high unemployment rate, where it is expected that the number of job seekers in the Arab world in 2015 will be more than 52 million people, compared to 32 million in 2010

The Arab Banks and Basel Standards

The global financial crisis has shown the importance of liquidity for the smooth functioning of financial markets and the banking sector, where the rapid decline in the international financial market conditions in 2007 led to liquidity drought.

The Banking Sector as an up lifter of the Egyptian Economy

Although there was a case of confidence and optimism that prevailed in the Euromoney Conference in Egypt, which was recently held regarding the future of the investment and the Egyptian economy



5 Money Lies We Tell Ourselves

When trying to make ourselves feel better about our financial situation, we often tell ourselves little lies that ease our minds about things.

IMF: Rich economies should cut debt but spend for jobs

The International Monetary Fund said that advanced economies still hold too much debt, but even as they trim it they need to spend more to generate jobs

10 Facts You Don’t Know About U.S. Currency

Since inflation has made the cost of most goods and services increase over the years, you’d think we’d need big bills to make big-ticket purchases.

The Arab Economy.. What Role.. What Status

In accordance with contemporary technology, the global economy development entailed a new repositioning of the Arab economy in general after it got hit with serious setbacks particularly in the Levant countries

Faith in Islamic Finance on Rise in Non-Muslim World

The growth of the global Islamic finance industry is most often measured by value of assets. While this indicator is a reliable gauge of the industry’s quantitative health, it does not represent the complete picture of a financial system that operates in alignment with Islamic teachings and values that aim for social good.

Minister Urges AL-BARAKA BANK to Expand its Activities in Sudan

The Sudanese minister of finance, Badr al-Din Mahmoud Abas, has called upon the Bahraini Al-Baraka Islamic Bank to further its dealings with Sudan and provide import facilities besides expanding its activities in the country

Economic Crises… and the Needed Solutions

The political transitions in Egypt, Tunisia and Yemen have resulted in high levels of unemployment, which in return led to a rise in poverty levels, whereby the corruption indicators that where a primary factor in the Arab uprising in more than a country, never really improved.

QNB: Une solidité financière à toute épreuve

QNB est déjà sur une orbite planétaire. Elle ambitionne en effet de se hisser en 2017 au rang d’une icône internationale, saluée comme telle au Moyen-Orient et en Afrique du Nord. De ce fait, tout doit être conçu et réalisé selon les standards de qualité internationaux et le standing de la banque. QNB veille scrupuleusement à sa solvabilité et au respect de ses équilibres comptables

Questions à Madame Sonia Ben Frej – Larbi

Quelle est la réalité du secteur du leasing tunisien durant la période de transition ?

Union Bancaire Privée increases

assets under management by 8%
Half-yearly results 2014

Banque Européenne d’Investissement / BTK : 2eme tranche du partenariat destiné au financement des investissements productifs des PME tunisiennes

A l’occasion de la venue de Mr de Fontaine-Vive, vice-président de la BEI, la BTK représentée par son Directeur Général, Houssein Mouelhi

Groupe Attijariwafa Bank- Maroc

Le groupe Attijariwafa Bank a signé un- contrat de financement d’un montant de 300 millions de dollars avec la Fédération interprofessionnelle des activités céréalières du Maroc

EuroMena III Fund Invests in companies in Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan

The International Finance Corporation (IFC)

Value of Saudi Arabia’s Islamic banking assets reaches $285bn

The Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry based on a recent study by Ernst and Young stated that global Islamic banking assets have registered cumulative annual growth rate of about 16 percent during 2008-2012

The Egyptian Economy Revitalized

Hope is increasingly lingering on the economy in Egypt

The Experts’ Meeting on SMEs and Startups Initiative

‘Finance and Market Risk Analysis’

Liquid Exposure to the High Return Potential of High-Yield Credit

Growth in developed economies continues to firm up

”The Islamic Corporation for the Development of the Private Sector (ICD) drives economic development through Islamic financial provision directed towards the SME sector”

The Islamic Corporation for the Development of the Private Sector (ICD) is a multilateral financial institution. It is the private sector arm of the Islamic Development Bank Group (IDB).

Boosting the Economy and Improving the Investment Environment

The CEO of the Egyptian Exchange Dr. Mohamed Omran forecasted an increase in the size of financing that companies and projects are receiving through the Egyptian exchange market to 10 billion Egyptian pounds at the end of 2014

Shadow Banking: China’s Wobbly House of Cards

Investors around the world have been wondering for a long time when China’s shadow banking sector will collapse. This week, they almost got their answer.

Friedrich Engels and Marxian Political Economy

Part of Historical Perspectives on Modern Economics
”Based upon an extraordinarily close and careful reading of the texts, Hollander presents a detailed, comprehensive, and sophisticated assessement of key issues in the development of Engels’s (and Marx’s) economic ideas – this is a major and impressive contribution to scholarship in the field.”

7 Secrets Of Highly Effective Retirement Savers

“The big issue for people is: Do they know what they need to do to achieve their retirement goals?” said Chip Castille، Managing Director and head of BlackRock’s U.S. and Canada Defined Contribution Group.

How to Navigate the Murky World of Credit Scores

There are more than 50 kinds of credit scores out there. That’s right, as in five-oh!
This column started — as many do — with a question from a reader. It ended in a place I didn’t expect

Signature d’un accord de coopération entre la Banque de Financement des Petites et Moyennes Entreprises (BFPME) et la Banque Africaine de Développement (BAD)

Pour le compte de leurs institutions respectives, M. Jacob KOLSTER, Directeur de la région Nord à la Banque Africaine de développement (BAD), M. Khalil AMMAR, Président Directeur Général de la Banque de Financement des Petites et Moyennes Entreprises (BFPME) et M. Tamotsu IKEZAKI, Ministre Conseiller représentant l’ambassade du Japon en Tunisie

Une convention de partenariat sera signée à l’occasion du salon Investia entre la Bourse de Tunis et la Bourse d’Alger

A l’occasion d’un forum économique tenue à Alger, Mr Yazid Benmouhoub, directeur général de la Société de gestion de la bourse des valeurs (SGBV),

Iraq to Welcome Two Foreign Banks

Iraq’s central bank will approve a licence for two “regional” banks soon.
Iraq’s central bank will be approving licences for two foreign banks to operate in the country.

Economic Growth Requires Guarantees

A midst the optimistic political developments that reflected on the foreign institutions’ reports, which modified its outlook on the economic situation in Egypt from negative to stable, and with a positive outlook for the future after receiving the Arab aid, comes a necessity for attracting Arab foreign investments from western countries by creating an investment environment.

Supporting the Economy’s Infrastructure, Mainly Real Estate Financing

ising up with the Arab economies requires a group of strategies that depends on a set of principles which provide opportunities to various parts of the community and aim at enhancing these communities and placing the foundation for guaranteeing the generations’ advancement

SME’s a New Opportunity for Arab Youth

Mohamed Barakat
Union of Arab Banks

Islamic Finance Needs “Real Transformation”

The Islamic finance industry needs to undergo a ‘real transformation’ if it is to grow and compete internationally.

Islamic Venture Capital – What, Why and How

What do Microsoft, Apple, Google, Skype, Starbucks, Fedex and Electronic Arts have in common?

Why More Businesses May Adopt Bitcoin

U.S. businesses are helping the controversial cryptocurrency make a price comeback
Forget the regulatory crackdown in China. U.S. businesses are helping the controversial cryptocurrency known as bitcoin to make a price comeback.

Japan and the United States Sign IGA

The Authorities of Japan (the Ministry of Finance, the National Tax Agency and the Financial Services Agency, etc.) and the U.S. Department of the Treasury have released the “Statement of Mutual Cooperation and Understanding between the U.S. Department of the Treasury and the Authorities of Japan to Improve International Tax Compliance and to Facilitate Implementation of FATCA (the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act of the United States)”.