Oman’s sovereign wealth fund splits into two portfolios


Oman’s sovereign wealth fund splits into two portfolios


The Oman Investment Authority has split its assets into local and foreign portfolios, the state news agency said on Sunday. Abdulsalam Al Murshidi head of the Omani Investment Authority said the “Generation Portfolio”, which consists of foreign assets and some local assets in various instruments including public and private markets, in addition to real estate, aims at achieving the greatest returns for future generations, the news agency reported.

The “National Development Portfolio”, is concerned with managing local assets and more than 160 Omani companies, and aims to contribute to the growth and development of the economy, in addition to supporting the state’s general budget through dividends, privatisation proceeds, and treasury management.

Oman established the Oman Investment Authority in 2020 to own and manage most of its sovereign wealth fund and finance ministry assets.