The Effective Management of Financial Crime Risks in Modern Banking


The Effective Management of Financial Crime Risks in Modern Banking

UAB Activity
Millennium Hotel & Convention Centre Kuwait-Kuwait - 05 June 2023


With financial crime, any news are bad news, and there has been no shortage of bad news lately.
Whether the topic is the loss of monetary or informational assets, regulatory scrutiny, or costly reputational damage, the issue of financial crime and the wider effects on the financial industry are in the headlines now more than ever before. But while the effects of financial crime are apparent, efforts to prevent it are not as easily executed.

Financial services organizations have the difficult task of effectively identifying the greatest risks to themselves and to their customers, protecting both parties against unnecessary risks and satisfying regulatory requirements for greater transparency, awareness, and consolidation of information across the organization.

For many such organizations, this challenge is compounded by a stagnant or even shrinking budget allocation, making these tasks even more daunting. Financial services organizations are increasingly realizing that they must move beyond the traditional reactive and silo-based approach toward a more comprehensive Financial Crime Risk Management strategy.


  • Discussing good governance within financial institutions and how it affects combating financial crimes.
  • Discussing and detailing the risk management mechanism.
  • Discussing the risks of international sanctions on financial institutions and their clients.
  • The use of technology in the process of combating financial crimes: advantages and disadvantages.