The First Arab Forum for Banks & Businessmen 2023


The First Arab Forum for Banks & Businessmen 2023

UAB Activity

Under the Auspices and presence of H.E. the Minister of Economy and Trade

Mr. Amin Salam.


The First Arab Forum for Banks & Businessmen 2023

27-28 July 2023 Phoenicia Intercontinental Hotel Beirut – Lebanon


The Arab banking sector represents the main pillar of the Arab economy, where its assets reached approximately $4.4 trillion, representing 150% of the Arab gross domestic product, and has fi­nanced the Arab public and private sectors with approximately $2.8 trillion, representing 90% of the size of the Arab economy, which proves that the Arab banks are still the main financier in their countries, in addition to managing the largest proportion of national savings. Moreover, the Arab banks are leading the transformation strategies for a digital economy in the Arab region, and seek to benefit from global and national technological and digital developments in order to develop savings and financing mechanisms, which leads to expanding customer service horizons and thus, promoting growth and development in the Arab countries. The role of Arab banks also extends to the transition to a green economy by expanding green banking and urging borrowers to invest in green projects.

On the other hand, Arab investors, businessmen, and women represent a cornerstone of the Arab economy and manage firms operating in various economic sectors, including industry, agriculture, trade, tourism, technology, media, and advertising, in addition to entrepreneurs, who contribute to the national economic cycle in its various aspects, such as production and export, as well as employment and job creation. Among what economic establishments need the most is financing, which is the main element for developing and expanding businesses, and shifting them from local institutions serving the national markets to companies capable of exporting their products and providing services across borders. All that serves the national economy by increasing production and exports, generating hard currency, attracting investments – especially green ones – and cre­ating more job opportunities.

Accordingly, the interdependence between Arab banks on the one hand, and Arab businesses on the other hand, and the importance of their cooperation, especially regarding financing and investment, is clear and evident. In light of this, the Union of Banks will hold an Arab forum entitled “The First Arab Forum for Banks and Businessmen”, in Beirut – Lebanon, on July 27 and 28,2023, to represent a platform that brings together Arab banks, businessmen, and women, to dis­cuss areas of cooperation between the banking sector and the Arab business sector, how to en­hance the prospects for cooperation and integration and to shed light on the required financing policies and banking services and products needed by the various economic sectors to develop, expand, grow and transform the Arab economy into a digital and green economy.


-Funding strategies and policies in the Arab region.

-The financing gap and the business sectors’ need for financing.

-The importance of financing medium, small, and micro-enterprises.

-Prospects of green finance and green banking in the Arab countries.

-Financial products and services in the digital era.

-Promoting Investment Opportunities in Lebanon.