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Union’s Bodies

The UAB performs its functions through the following bodies:
a. The General Assembly
b. The Board of Directors
c. The Executive Committee
d. The General Secretariat

Supreme authority of the UAB resides with the General Assembly, comprised of representatives of active, and observing members. It formulates the general policies and plans of the UAB and holds an annual general membership meeting.

The Board of Directors is the UAB’s highest executive authority. It adopts policies and measures to attain the principal goals determined by the General Assembly. The UAB’s Board of Directors consists of delegates representing Arab countries with active members in the UAB and a representative of Arab Central Banks and Monetary Agencies may also attend board meetings, as an observing member. The Board members shall elect, among themselves, the Chairman and Deputy Chairman by absolute majority of present members to hold office for a period of three years.

The Executive Committee comprises seven members of the Board of Directors and has the authorities of the Board in general issues and other issues presented by the Chairman of the Board and upon the request of the Board between the Board’s meetings. The Committee can make necessary decisions and recommendations, but must inform the Board about such decisions and recommendations in its first upcoming meeting.

The General Secretariat is the technical and administrative organ of the UAB. It comprises the Secretary General, Assistant Secretary General and a suitable number of technical and administrative staff allocated to departments according to the organizational chart approved by the Board of Directors. The Secretary General assumes the administration of the affairs of the UAB and implements the resolutions adopted by the General Assembly and the Board of Directors.