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Digital Banking 4.0

Digital Banking 4.0



Date: 18 – 20 FEBRUARY 2024

Time: 9:00 AM till 3:00 PM


– Understand AI and Emerging Technologies: Grasp fundamental concepts, tools, and technologies driving transformation in the banking sector.

– Innovation and Transformation Waves: Explore the three transformation waves of the Industrial Revolution and their impact on banking.

– AI Types and Applications: Dive into generative pre trained transformers and their remarkable
implications for the banking sector.

– Practical Challenges and Opportunities: Identify challenges in implementing AI technologies and discover new opportunities for growth, competitiveness, and productivity.

– Strategy and Planning: Learn how to formulate strategies and plans for incorporating AI and
emerging technologies into banking operations effectively

Digital Banking 4.0

1. Introduction to AI and Emerging Technologies
• Overview and significance in banking
• Key concepts and intellectual model transformation

2. Historical Transformation Waves & Their Impact
• Analysis of Industrial Revolution waves
• The evolution of banking technologies

3. AI in Banking: Types, Applications, and Case Studies
• Generative AI, machine learning processes, limitations, and solutions
• Prompt engineering and its application in banking

4. Strategic Implementation and Innovation
• Developing an AI strategy for banking
• Practical steps for tech innovation and change management

5. Hands-On Activities and Group Discussions
• Implementing AI and emerging technologies in banking scenarios
• Group activities focused on critical success factors and KPIs for AI transformation

6. Emerging Technologies & Their Banking Applications
• Blockchain, IoT, and their implications for banking
•Future management tools & digital transformation strategies

7. Case Studies and Real-World Applications
• Success stories of AI and technology adoption in leading banks
• Lessons learned and best practices

8. Challenges, Opportunities, and Future Outlook
• Discussing the limitations of current AI technologies
• Identifying future trends and opportunities in banking technology

9. Highlights of AI and Other Emerging Technologies for Banking:
• AI and machine learning are revolutionizing customer service, fraud detection, and risk management in banking.

• Blockchain technology offers enhanced security and efficiency for transactions and record-keeping.
•IoT (Internet of Things) enables better asset management, personalized customer services, and operational efficiency. • Prompt engineering and generative AI models like GPTs are opening new
avenues for personalized banking services and product innovation.

•The course will include interactive sessions, workshops, and access to online resources and tools for practical learning and implementation.